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City trip to Heidelberg

The best sightseeing tips for a varied city tour.

The romantic Heidelberg is beautifully situated on the Neckar, surrounded by wooded mountains. For your trip to Heidelberg we have arranged a tour for you.


The old Bridge of Heidelberg

Background information to discover

Strolling on the old bridge has a very special charm. And you can take a close look at the larger-than-life builder Karl Theodor.


The castle of Heidelberg

Interesting facts about the history and the Electors of Heidelberg

Heidelberg Castle is the city's landmark and should be at the top of the list when visiting.

Besides its romantic backdrop, it has a lot to offer, especially for those interested in history, as its past as a former Residence of the Palatine Electors closely intertwined with German and European history.



Technik Museum Sinsheim

Experience technology history

Sinsheim offers many attractions - one is The Technik Museum with breathtaking rarities of the history of technology.
Take a time travel through the history of technology - in the Auto-Technik-Museum Sinsheim.
Among the highlights is certainly also the ascent of a starting Concorde or Tupolev - both of course originals.


Badewelt Sinsheim

Relax in the wellness oasis

Immerse yourself in the wellness oasis of Badewelt Sinsheim - with real palm trees and a varied sauna landscape.
A short holiday, as it can hardly be more relaxing.



Bad Wimpfen

Jewel from the Staufer period

Bad Wimpfen was once the largest imperial palace north of the Alps. It was therefore one of the important bases from which the emperors, including Friedrich Barbarossa, controlled their empire and stayed there again and again during their journeys.

The picturesque old town boasts many old buildings such as the Blue Tower, the Stone House, the Palatine Chapel and also the arcades of the Staufisches Palais, which bear witness to times past. 

The charm of the pretty alleys and corners invites you to take a tour. All sights are in the city centre and are waiting to be explored during a stroll.

Four Castles Hike

Picturesque hiking route along the Neckarsteig

The Neckarsteig is one of the most beautiful hiking routes in Germany, leading along the Neckar, past many castles and medieval towns.

A section of the Neckarsteig leads past the Four Castles near Neckarsteinach. Here, depending on your mood, you will find various signposted hiking paths to the four castles, which invite you to take a walk or a hike.

By the way, a hike to the Four Castles can be wonderfully combined with a boat trip. From Heidelberg, steamers leave every hour to Neckarsteinanch and back again.